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What Is Sales Area

Sales area is a combination of sales organization, distribution channel and division. In order to create sales areas, you need to assign distribution channels to your sales organization, and assign divisions to your sales organization. Afterwards you can create combinations of these three organizational units in order to set up sales areas. Sales areas don’t have a specific mark or name or indicator, this step is accomplished by only listing all the possible combinations in customizing and then the system can check if the combination exists before you can use it during your sales documents creation. Sales area is used as a base for several customizing settings. You can assign sales office to a sales area, remember that sales office is used to gather sales groups in it. You can also assign sales area to a credit control area if you want to have a separate credit control instance for some of the sales areas. Most of the time this is not utilized since company code is assigned one credit control area which is used for all sales areas by the default, but it’s important that you know that there is a possibility to split credit check by sales areas defined in your company code.

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