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Understanding Condition Techniques-Part 5

Condition techniques are SAPs method for engaging advanced business requirements in pricing, output and text determination, schemas etc. Condition techniques consist of rules that help consultant set-up complex cases for client needs. Condition technique is very good at fulfilling the needs of combining several criteria to determine the final result. For example in SD pricing we have prices, surcharges, discounts, margins, taxes, promotions, different price lists for different customers, different sales organizations with different conditions for the same materials, so determining the correct price is a tough job. Not if you use condition techniques in SAP. Practically any kind of request can be fulfilled by using the steps that a condition technique consists of. Not all the steps are used by every requirement though. For example, different steps will be performed for SD pricing than for output determination.
Because a condition technique in SAP has a wide value of use, it is good to understand it especially if you are set on becoming SAP SD, MM or FI/CO (account determination uses condition technique) consultant, so this is a must have lesson (all four parts) if you are looking for a career in functional consulting.

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