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Understanding Condition Techniques-Part 4

Condition techniques are used in various SAP functions: We haven’t mentioned earlier Batch Determination. There are also previously mentioned Free Goods, Material Determination (product substitution), Inclusion / Exclusion, Revenue Account Determination, Tax determination, Rebates, Pricing, Output Determination, Text Determination, Schemas, and many more. There are a few key components used during a condition technique set-up: Field catalog (set of fields important for the business rule), Condition tables (tables which contain conditions in a certain predetermined way), Access sequences (sequences that tell the system in which particular order to use condition tables), Condition types (we can represent a condition by using either one or more condition types), Procedures (they are a combination of multiple condition types). Condition techniques are a wide topic with a lot of things to get a grasp on so take your time learning those since you will most probably use them whichever module you are functional consulting for. These lessons are suitable for SD, MM, FI/CO etc. not only SD module.

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