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Understanding Condition Techniques-Part 3

Some more information on condition techniques for you. Let’s see how condition technique is used in an example in sales pricing determination. When you create a sales order from transaction code VA01, you need to specify a document type you want to create. When you do that the system takes that document type and checks (in the background) the document type settings and applies the appropriate pricing procedure to the document. So if we want to apply a condition technique to a sales document we need to define a pricing procedure for all the document types we use. Standard SAP sales order type “OR” uses pricing procedure “A” which is also a standard SAP procedure. Then you will be taken to the next screen in sales order processing where you need to enter your customer number. You will choose a customer and by doing that when you hit ENTER the system checks which pricing procedure is maintained in customer master record, let’s say it is maintained as “B”. You are also required to enter sales area during sales order creation, so the system has this info too. With all the information we have specified, the system can check the customizing for entries that have the exact values. Therefore it will look for the entry that has document pricing procedure set as “A”, customer pricing procedure set as “B” and sales area 1000, 10, 10. So we are looking for the record with 1000, 10, 10, A, B key fields. It will have assigned a pricing procedure and condition type. This is the actual pricing procedure that’s going to be used for pricing determination in this case.

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