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Understanding Condition Techniques-Part 2

Since we are talking about condition techniques, let us see where they are actually used in SAP. There are a lot of functions that use condition techniques among which are the following:
Free Goods, Material Determination (product substitution), Inclusion / Exclusion, Revenue Account Determination, Tax determination, Rebates, Pricing, Output Determination, Text Determination, Schemas, and many more.
The components you can take advantage of while configuring a condition technique for a certain requirement are: Field catalog (set of fields important for the business rule), Condition tables (tables which contain conditions in a certain pre-determined way – by some criteria), Access sequences (sequences that tell the system in which particular order to use condition tables), Condition types (we can represent a condition by using either one or more condition types, so our price may consist of one or more condition types, discount and tax also, but we may require to represent our surcharges by one condition type), Procedures (they are a combination of multiple condition types, it represents all of the possible condition types that apply to the specific function we are using condition technique for, e.g. price PR00, standard customer discount, special discount, manual discount, taxes, margins, promotions etc.).
These are the key components that you need to understand to be able to understand the condition technique methodology.

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