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Sales Reports

When you work in sales department, one of the most important things to do is track sales revenues based on some criteria. There are numerous ways to track sales figures, from SAP ECC by using standard sales reports, creating custom reports, if your company has implemented Business Intelligence you can use BI set of reports, or any other suitable way you find interesting. In this lesson we will focus on sales reports in SAP ECC SD module. The most important and feature rich reporting is available through standard sales information structure report – MCSI. It allows you to analyze sales through various criteria using almost any selection criteria that you might ever need. Sales reporting is not only about sales revenue, you might want to list your documents by some criteria, or you might want to list your contracts etc.
You can find numerous sales reports in SAP. Let’s see which are the most commonly used ones. Besides the very important MCSI report, you can list inquiries, quotations and sales orders, list incomplete documents, expired and expiring quotations, backorders, duplicate orders, scheduling agreements, contracts, work lists. You will find out how to execute these reports and what information they can provide us with. There are also reports on billing documents, deliveries, credit management, information systems (this is where MCSI is located) and many more reports you can find useful. After mastering this lesson you will be able to identify and use reports per your requirements in order to track your process key points in detail.

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