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Pre-requisites To Sales Quotation

In this lesson we will cover all of the prerequisites for creating a sales quotation which is practically the first sales document including its predecessor document (inquiry), and it is actually considered as a pre-sales document. In order to create a sales quotation you need to have an inquiry from your customer, in which your customer is requesting the information on product availability on a certain date, pricing etc. After entering all of the appropriate information in the inquiry you can reference the inquiry number while creating a sales quotation and all of the information from the inquiry will be transferred to the quotation including pricing, shipping point, plant, sales area, partner functions, materials with their quantities, incoterms, sales office and group, price list, terms of payment, shipping conditions, billing company code and all the other relevant data which is needed for a sales quotation to be considered as a complete document by the system.
This lesson includes the info on setting up partner determination in customizing as well as many other features needed to be executed before you will be able to create a sales quotation.

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