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Outbound Delivery-Part 2

After viewing the previous lesson, you should get familiar with outbound delivery concept, and in the next topic get some more detailed information about the process and customizing steps that are linked to outbound delivery.
Outbound delivery is not only a linking point to a warehouse department in logistics but also can be used as a link to transportation processes. If you utilize transportation functions in your SAP, you can assign outbound deliveries to a shipment and then process the transportation transactions to perform these tasks.
In sales and distribution you will sometimes have return deliveries (based on a sales return order), and you can receive the returned quantities from your customer by posting the document. This is different than an inbound delivery that is created for external procurement where you receive goods from vendor.
Outbound delivery doesn’t typically involve pricing since this is not relevant for the purpose of the document (which is material quantity picking, loading, posting), so this document focuses on the stock picking part of the process.

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