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Outbound Delivery-Part 1

Outbound delivery is a document that links sales with logistic processes. It is responsibility of sales department to create an inbound delivery (this is a general practice but you can also have an approach that logistics create this document but that’s rarely advisable) and from that point logistic department should take over the process. The next step should be printing a pick ticket by the logistic department, handing it to the warehouse department and in warehouse operators should pick the desired quantities from the pick ticket and return the pick ticket filled with the picked quantities (this is how the process works with inventory management, with warehouse management it is slightly different). When they return the pick ticket with the actual picked / loaded quantities, logistic department administration staff should enter it in the outbound delivery as picked quantities and fill the additional data if required and post the goods issue. After posting the goods issue logistic department is done with the processing and the process continues in sales department where operators can create an invoice. So the outbound delivery is a document processed by both sales and logistic departments and basically it is used to give information to logistics which quantities are required and logistics use it to confirm the quantities that are actually picked / loaded to the truck. When a posting of goods issue is done, the system subtracts the quantities that are picked from the storage location they were picked from, and the delivery document is completed after the posting so no further changes are possible unless we cancel the posting first.

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