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Master Data Reports

In order to review customer, material, pricing master data, you need to have reports. Since in most of the cases any kind of analytics is impossible to perform by reviewing data one by one, we need to have a summarized report to view relevant data in a visually pleasing structure.
This can be done by using standard SAP reports for master data (either the customer or material master) or by creating custom reports created by the consultant using SAP SQ reporting capabilities or by using ABAP programming (more complex method requiring an ABAP programmer). By using SQ reporting functionality in SAP, a user of less than consultant level could make a report, but these reports are limited in several ways so in order to have the most powerful custom reports you will need to get them created by an ABAP consultant.
In this section we will cover standard SAP reports for master data. These are the most commonly used reports for reviewing different information about customers, materials etc.
Some of the reports that are able to show us information about master data are: Business partner – Sales summary, Display customer hierarchy, Display conditions using index, Pricing reports, Net price list, List customer material information, List of contracts, List rebate agreements, Promotion list, List of sales deals.
After mastering this lesson you will be able to use standard reports easily and identify the correct report required in at a certain time.

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