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Inter-Company Sales-Part 2

Intercompany sales is very useful in optimizing shipping processes also in case we have a customer that is from another region where we have another company from which we can deliver the items, but the customer doesn’t need to know about that he can order from any entity – company and will still be billed from that company, but the delivery will be made through the company code which is the nearest to the customer.
Your company group can use its resources in the best possible way only if it has possibilities to do so in the system. So this is the option that must be implemented for company groups that have multiple companies operating with same goods or even different goods but want to be able to sell any material produced in any company through each of the companies.
This means that the system should give your company flexibility to utilize its infrastructure.
This lesson is the second in a series of four lessons about customizing and using intercompany sales process in your SAP environment.

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