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Define Shipping Condition

Shipping conditions are indicators of the specific conditions the customer wants its goods to be shipped. For example, most of the customers would agree to standard shipping conditions you have generally defined, but in case when you want to change shipment process for a certain customer you can do this by assigning a different shipment condition to this customer. By defining shipping conditions and assigning them to customer master you can influence the actual shipping process and the shipping point determination, in which the system proposes a shipping point from which the goods will be shipped. This is a mandatory field in customer master because the system cannot carry out in sales document if shipping conditions do not exist. As we have stated in the earlier lessons, shipping point determination must take into account the shipping conditions, so this information is not optional and must be filled by the system transferring it from customer master to a sales document.
Shipping condition definition consists of entering the shipping condition and its description.
If you have such a requirement, you can assign a shipping condition to a sales document type but this is not the practice because in most of the cases you will want this to be transferred to a sales document from customer master.

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