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Define Sales Group

Before defining a sales group (it is an optional step), which is basically representing an exact employee, it is quite helpful to define one or more sales offices if you have them in the actual sales organizational structure in your company. In this way you can assign sales group (employee) to a sales office (e.g. you have domestic sales team, export sales team, several distribution centers with their own sales offices, sales agents etc.) and you can later use it for the reporting purposes so that you can track your sales by your sales office and / or sales group.
Sales offices and sales groups can be entered in your sales documents (optional) if you want to extend your reporting possibilities from your standard SD sales reports (MCSI information structures).
You can assign one sales office to more than one sales area, and you can assign one sales group to multiple sales offices. This is for the reason that one sales office might work with all of the divisions and distribution channels, and one employee can work both in domestic and export sales processes. Sales office and sales group can also be used to list the documents which belong to the selected sales offices / groups.

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