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Define Loading Point

In SAP you don’t need to define loading points for the system to work correctly, so it’s optional step in customizing, but it is preferred in some cases. In practice, loading point is a specific point at which the goods loading process can occur. You can have more than one loading point for your shipping point. Loading point can be manually entered in “Loading” tab at header level of a delivery document. This means that we can practically choose the loading point within our shipping point from which the loading will be processed.
Loading point cannot be entered on item level though, preventing loading of different materials from one shipping point and one delivery from multiple loading points, so that’s the constraint of the loading point node in shipping process.
The actual customizing step is in Enterprise structure IMG tree under Logistics execution sub tree. It consists of two steps, first choosing the shipping point for which you want to define loading points, and second – creating the actual loading points for the chosen shipping point in which you define loading point name and description. Due to this kind of processing it is clear that one loading point cannot be assigned to two different shipping points. And although different loading points in different shipping points can have the same name, they are not the same in terms of the system and shipping process.

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