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Define Loading Group

Loading groups are specific for material plant combination. First you need to define your loading groups e.g. standard, crane, manual, forklift, etc. and afterwards assign it to a material master record in “Sales: General – Plant” tab. From this record the loading group is used during shipping point determination so while defining and assigning of loading groups, you should take this into account. Loading group definition is a customizing step in IMG tree for Logistics execution. You only need to define your loading group and its description and it’s ready to be used in material master. The basic principle you should have in mind while defining loading groups (and later using it) is the shipping point determination, and in most of the cases loading groups are created in a manner to represent the different types of goods manipulation methods or any other criteria that is relevant to your specific needs for shipping point determination. For simple industries in most of the cases one general loading group is enough to satisfy the requirements, but in order to fulfill more complex requirements you will need to define more loading groups.

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