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Customer Material Info Records

In SAP you have a possibility to create a customer material info record which can define some specific behavior for a certain material / customer combination which is only applied to that combination. We can define rounding settings per customer material, customer material number, customer description, customer search term, shipping data for customer like plant, delivery priority, minimum delivery quantity, partial delivery preference, unde-delivery and over-delivery tolerance and item usage which influences item category determination if you choose to maintain this data in the customer material info record. In addition, you can define customer material texts in all the required languages.
The important thing to know is that customer material info record is maintained on sales organization / distribution channel level, so you can define different behavior for a material in different organizational levels.
It is very useful to have this option while setting up your sales processes as you might have specific requests from your customers concerning delivery quantity rounding, material description and all the other data mentioned above.
In summary, we could say that customer material info record acts as an extension of material master and customer master allowing us to create more specific settings for our and our business and customer needs.

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