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Credit Memo Without Return Delivery

In some cases you will require issuing a credit memo without a return delivery. That means that the reason for credit memo is not in over-delivered items but maybe a pricing error that made the customer billed some amount more than it was needed. So in this case we can use specific sales document types that will allow us to create a credit memo based only on the financial part without the need for goods movement. It means that we want to adjust the financial value of the invoice without affecting the goodsmovement. There are numerous cases in which you may want to use this function, sometimes you may want a special bonus for a customer to be processed like that, or you want to subtract the amount for broken goods but you don’t want to return the goods since you have no use for the broken materials so it’s cheaper for your company to only issue a credit memo than to return the broken goods and then create a credit memo.
After issuing a credit memo the customer will get his debt reduced by the amount you specify and you will be able to keep. These corrections mostly happen because of wrong conditions, e.g. pricing master is maintained incorrectly, or manual price that is entered is not correct so in order to fix the issue you have to use this process.

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