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Create Sales Quotation-Part 1

We have explained the prerequisites for creating a sales quotation, and explained what a sales quotation is. So now you know that it can be configured in a number of ways, and now it is time to get on the actual creation of our quotation.
In this lesson you will find out how to make the processing of this sales document optimized, which are the document types you can use for creation of a sales quotation, what are the crucial things needed to be entered in a quotation and how our condition records are entered in order for them to show up in our sales quotation.
Creating a sales quotation can be done without the need for an inquiry if we set up our document type in that way. In some cases it is advisable to have the inquiry as a previous document but it is not mandatory, as we said it is optional and is set up according to our needs.
For our exercise we will not require an inquiry before creating a sales quotation, because we might consider that an extra step which only takes a bit of time but doesn’t give us any more functionality in our case. If the case is different, we can set up our document type in a way to require a reference inquiry.

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