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Create Sales Order-Part 2

Sales order processing lesson in this part show us advanced information on sales order creation and the functions related to this process. In the previous lesson you have learned a lot about sales order processing, but in this one you will learn even more, extending your knowledge to even more advanced level in this area. We have already emphasized how important sales order is in the process in sales and distribution so you will understand that it’s of the utmost importance having sales order processing mastered.
This lesson will let you get behind the concepts of several new important things like pricing procedure assignment to your sales order types, and many more advanced customizing steps related to sales order processing.
After mastering both lessons about sales order creation topics, you can be sure that you will have strong knowledge and understanding which can be used for troubleshooting and problem solving as well as customizing the required functions for sales order processing.
These two lessons should be considered as very important in terms of sales process customizing and set-up, so feel free to repeat these lessons until you completely understand the topic.

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