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Create Sales Order-Part 1

In this lesson you will find out how to create a sales order, what are the document types used for sales order processing, and more detailed coverage of this important document in sales and distribution. In the sales process a sales order takes a central place as one of the most important SD documents which is connected to quotation, delivery, invoice, possible sales returns and therefore is very important to be entered in the system in a precise way.
Invoices in SD inherit pricing from sales order, delivery inherits confirmed quantities from sales order, return sales document takes a sales order as a reference for pricing, while credit note takes the same pricing from the returns sales order (which is the pricing from the original sales order). This should emphasize enough the importance of a sales order in the sales processes, so basically if your data is exact and correct on sales order you can be sure that the following documents will be correct too which is very important since some of those are material posting documents (delivery and return delivery), accounting documents (invoice and credit memo), profit center document (invoice and credit memo) and controlling document (invoice and credit memo). You will find out about customizing options behind sales order (e.g. copy control) and many other advanced things you should know to fully understand the concept behind the sales order processing.

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