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Create Material Master Sales View

In our previous lessons we have defined the most important elements we will need to be able to set up a material master data record – loading group, sales organization, distribution channel etc. Material master sales views are separated to Sales organization1 view, Sales organization 2 view and Sales: General – Plant view. Sales organization views are maintained on sales organization – distribution channel level, and sales general view is holding data specific to plant.
This data is very important as every sales activity we take is influenced by many various combinations of the material master.
Some of the important data on sales organization 1 view are, but not limited to: sales unit, tax information, minimum order and delivery quantity, delivery unit and rounding information.
Sales organization view 2 offers the following important data: material statistics group, product hierarchy which is important as it is used in pricing and reporting, item category group item category group used for item category determination which is very important in SD, account assignment group which is important for accounting process, material pricing group, commission group etc. On the Sales General – Plant view we can find shipping and packaging relevant data as transportation group, loading group which is very important in shipping point determination, material grouping by packaging requirements, as well as some other plant related data as allowing negative stock for the material on plant level, profit center used for controlling purposes etc. In addition to these three views there are two more sales views we can maintain for a material, Foreign trade – export data which is very self-descriptive, and sales text.

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