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Create Customer Master Sales View

In our previous lessons we have defined the most important elements we will need to be able to set up a customer master data record – shipping condition, sales organization, distribution channel etc. In this lesson you will learn which are the most important components of a customer master sales view.
In customer master, you can find General data, Company code data and Sales area data. General data applies to customer throughout SAP, while company code data is specific data for every company code the customer is defined to (this is in most of the time only one company code and is often considered to be also general data since most SAP installations are for a single company code or if not a certain customer will only be buying from one company code e.g. USA, he will not be a customer of company branch in France or UK), while sales area data is specific for every sales area a customer is able to purchase through. As said before, sales area is a combination of sales organization, distribution channel and division.
Some important data in customer master are default terms of payment, currency, price list used for pricing determination, shipping conditions used in shipping point determination, default Incoterms, tax data etc.

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