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Condition Supplement

Condition supplements are used in order to assign automatic conditions to one of our standard conditions, these conditions are valid for every customer that purchases the material in a period our condition supplement is valid. For example, if you have a condition PR00 – price, which you want to supplement with one more condition e.g. K007 customer discount condition, you will be able to do it through condition supplement function. So we will assign K007 as a condition supplement to our PR00 condition and give it validity period and amount.
Then when you process your order, you will see that our condition supplement is automatically applied to the condition and results in the price correction.
Customizing of condition supplement is done through transaction codes V/08 and V/06 and condition maintenance through VK12 through menu option Go to -> Condition supplement.
On that screen you can define a number of condition supplements to a condition record, and all of them will be applied to the material in your sales documents automatically.
There are a lot of business requirements that can be easily fulfilled by using condition supplement functionality, so it is very useful to know what are the possibilities and limitations of the condition supplement function in SAP SD.

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