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Concepts of Shipping Point Determination

Basically shipping point determination means determining which shipping point is going to be used for shipping of the specific item in sales document. For this we need to set up a set of rules to be used during sales document processing in order to get the desired shipping point automatically determined by the system. This is done in the “Logistic Execution” customizing tree but never the less it applies to and is a very important part of sales and distribution processes. This is done through assigning one or more shipping points to a combination of shipping conditions, loading group and plant. Additionally you can also take storage location into account. You can do this by defining rules which are assigned to every delivery type. If you don’t maintain these additional rules then your shipping point determination will be utilized without taking storage location into account. First shipping point that you assign is called proposed shipping point and it is automatically proposed as the default in sales document item, and the other shipping points you define (manual shipping points) can be manually entered if you want to override the proposed shipping point. Shipping points not defined as manual cannot be manually entered in sales document for the actual item so you need to define all the possible shipping point as manual in this customizing step.

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