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Assign Shipping Point To Plants

Shipping points must be assigned to plants in order to be used in the appropriate plant. There is no limit in the number of plants that one shipping point can be assigned to, and there is no limit in the number of shipping points that can be assigned to a plant. So basically this is a many to many connection. This IMG activity is performed in the Enterprise structure customizing tree within the Assignment sub-tree in the part that handles logistics execution organizational unit assignments. You can also access it by using transaction code OVXC, and the interface is simple, you should click on a plant and then select, after which you need to click on the Assign option which will bring up a list of shipping points which you can multiple check and assign to the selected plant. Repeat the process for all the plants you need to assign your shipping points to.
More information about assigning of a shipping point to a plant can be found in this lesson.

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