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Assign Sales Area To Plant

Practically you are not assigning entire sales area to a plant but only a combination of sales organization and distribution channel to a plant (note that this excludes the division which is a part of sales area but is not used in this step). This can be referred to as a Sales line and is used in intercompany sales processes, with influence in the material and customer master data.
When we execute this assignment we are telling the system which Sales organization and distribution channel combinations are allowed for a specific plant. If you forget to include all of the assignments in this customizing step you will face issues during master data maintenance as you won’t be able to maintain data for the combination you have missed to maintain. As you will be able to see in further lessons, sales views in material master contain data that is maintained on sales organization level, distribution channel level, and plant level. So you can note that all of these organizational levels are important for SD module to be taken into account when processing sales and distribution documents.

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