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Important Tables In Master Data

In this lesson we will cover important tables in master data in sales and distribution module. For this we will split those in categories, customer master data, material master data and customer / material master data tables. They all contain some specific groups of data linked in some way.
In customer master there are several important tables, KNA1 – General Data in Customer Master, KNB1 – Customer master (Company code), KNVK – Customer master Contact Partner, KNVV – Customer master sales data, KNVA – Customer master unloading points, KNVI – Customer master tax indicator, KNVS – Customer master Shipping data, KNVP – Customer master partner functions, KNVD, KNVL, etc.
In material master there are a number of important tables for sales related data. Those are, MARA – General material data, MAKT – Material descriptions, MVKE – Sales data for material, MARC – Plant data for material, MARD – Storage location data for material, MARM – Units of Measure for material, MLAN – Tax classification for material, MBEW – Material valuation, MCHA – Batches and many more.
Table KNMT is used for customer – material info record master data.
You can explore all of these tables by using transaction code SE16 or SE16N (newer version) but in this lesson you will be introduced to the most important tables and their contents.

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