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Sap Course

SAP is the world leader in the category Enterprise Information and Management Package

Using Management Package provides the possibility to observe and manage in real time, sales, production, finance, accounting and human resources of a company there is only one system across the enterprise, SAP.

The course is mainly aimed at attracting the attention of students to the career opportunities offered by technology ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the computer in general. Global economic developments in recent years have opened new professional in the ERP consulting and computer consultant. Local educational system graduates are well appreciated by large international companies in IT consulting but have not had the chance to study this area before. This initiative is the third of its kind and is among the academic community efforts in ASEM for the students in the areas of excellence providing outstanding career opportunities in the global knowledge society. SAP and ABAP greatly increase your chances of professional success whether you have your computer or are involved (a) in other areas of socio-economic or technical ERP technologies are currently an everyday reality in almost all medium and large companies. SAP is the world’s leading provider of ERP software. ABAP is the language in which most applications provided by SAP. Knowledge of ERP technologies, and SAP in particular, is currently a great competitive advantage for those who want to have a successful career in large corporations.

It is important to remember that there are three categories ERP technology professional: users, consultants and programmers. Programmers only need basic computer training, users and consultants are people coming from other areas such as accounting, marketing, sales, insurance, banking, human resources, engineering, business analysis, management control and others. This course is intended both for those who have programming skills and want to become programmers and those who want to make contact with SAP to increase their chances of success profesionla.

Session aims both key-user training for SAP customers and implementation consultants for certification, and management consultants interested in business processes in SAP.

Participants should read the initial requirements knowledge (pre-requisites) for each course and comply with them, as specified pewww.sap.com

Who are addressed courses?

I. Overview SAP. The course is for those who have no experience in SAP, but general knowledge about software and business processes. During the two days allocated to the course will be presented:

  • basic concepts of SAP and SAP products and solutions, business processes in SAP Business Suite, including SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SAP Supply Chain Management, SAP Supplier Relationship Management, SAP Product Lifecycle Management.
  • Solutions for SMBs
  • SAP NetWeaver
  • SAP services

II. SAP Financial Overview. The course is intended for those interested in an overview of SAP Financial part of a team or members of an organization will be to implement the SAP Financials solution or already has one and wants to train new employees in it. The course lasts two days that will present the following:

  • Introduction to SAP ERP Financial
  • Business processes used in accounting-financial and management accounting using the SAP system:
    • The acquisition and payment
    • Production Planning (and reporting)
    • The process of sale and receipts (sales orders, receipts, and analysis)
  • Financial Management of Supply Chain
  • Portal solution presented in the context of SAP ERP Financial

Participants must read for every course initial requirements knowledge (pre-requisites) of curricula and comply with them.