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SAP Process Integration Training

NetWeaver PI or Process Integration is software for SAP’s enterprise application integration or EAI. There are many integrated systems working together in SAP ERP that need to exchange information on a continual basis. These include SRM, CRM, FICO, etc. Process Integration was designed to provide a single point of integration for all these modules and components so that the overall structure can be simplified. It can be seen as a middleware to handle data consistency and other issues when information exchange is taking place between modules.

The user interface of SAP PI is composed of four areas: integration builder, Java WebStart, SAP GUI, and web browser. The central server consists of three main parts: integration builder, integration server, and central monitoring. These are connected to the system landscape directory for information exchange. The central processing engine of the SAP PI is the integration server. It is responsible for processing all messages that the system receives.

The integration server is further divided into integration engine, adapter engine, and business process engine. Integration objects are accessed in the integration builder, which is essentially a client-server framework for receiving these objects and editing them. This component is composed of two important tools: enterprise service repository and integration directory.

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SAP Process Integration Training Videos Duration 25hours

Tutorial Topics

Process Integration

Overview of XI/PI

90:13 Minutes

Introduction to SAP Net Weaver

80:31 Minutes

Software Components

82:31 Minutes

Using Interface Mapping

65:43 Minutes

Configuration Scenario I

20:12 Minutes

Configuration Scenario II

60:02 Minutes

Name Space

64:01 Minutes

Message Interface & Types

3:53 Minutes

Fault Message Type

77:02 Minutes

Data Type

69:32 Minutes

Message Mapping

78:31 Minutes

Mapping Templates

76:32 Minutes

Edit Message Mapping

48:17 Minutes


2:52 Minutes

Adapter Objects

70:46 Minutes

ID (Integration Directory)

70:01 Minutes

Business Service

68:32 Minutes

Receiver Determination

99:21 Minutes

XSLT Mapping

8:27 Minutes

Java Mapping

69:32 Minutes

Interface Determination

64:32 Minutes

Sender Agreement

62:32 Minutes

Receiver Agreement

70:32 Minutes


1:26 Minutes

Integration Scenarios I

77:31 Minutes

Integration Scenarios II

57:22 Minutes

Integration Scenarios II

57:11 Minutes

Overview of the Course

26:12 Minutes