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SAP Plant Maintenance Training

SAP Plant Maintenance or PM is a functional module providing three main functions: Inspection, Preventive maintenance, and Repair. In addition, it also covers all other measures that can be taken using the maintenance environment. Inspection and preventive maintenance are done to look at the actual working condition and the ideal condition of a technical system. Essentially the module has been designed to oversee all maintenance activities taking place within an organization.

Plant Maintenance integrates well with many other modules, such as Materials Management, Production, Controlling, and Sales and Distribution. This is made possible to keep the data consistent and up-to-date in all modules. In addition, processes needed to complete an action are automatically called from other modules when their input or output is needed for Plant Maintenance.

It is ensured through SAP PM that any technical system within an organization is working as it should. Equipment is seen as an independent object in a system that has to be maintained over its lifetime. Equipment can be created using the object-based environment of SAP and then maintained over time. All maintenance tasks performed on all equipment can also be tracked using this module. Moreover, the cost of maintenance tasks can be estimated and changes can be made accordingly.

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SAP Plant Maintenance Training Videos Duration 20hours

Tutorial Topics

Plant Maintenance

Session – 01. SAP PM – Org Struct Presentation

11:11 Minutes

Session – 02. PM01_Part1

22:50 Minutes

Session – 03. PM01_Part2

25:57 Minutes

Session – 04. PM Technical objects – FL presentation

22:12 Minutes

Session – 05. PM Technical objects – Functional locations

55:10 Minutes

Session – 06. PM02-Equipment Serial number

128:59 Minutes

Session – 07. Technical obj – BOM

49:00 Minutes

Session – 08. PM02-Measurement Points Counters

46:46 Minutes

Session – 09. PM02-Classification

30:14 Minutes

Session – 10. Breakdown maintenance_N

58:30 Minutes

Session – 11. Corrective Maintenance Notification

90:59 Minutes

Session – 12. Corrective Maintenance Planning

154:27 Minutes

Session – 13. Corrective Maintenance Planning_2

89:36 Minutes

Session – 14. Corrective Maintenance Controlling

60:40 Minutes

Session – 15. Corrective Maintenance Processing

32:40 Minutes

Session – 16. Corrective Maintenance Completion

77:01 Minutes

Session – 17. Preventive Maintenance – Task List

88:04 Minutes

Session – 18. Preventive Maintenance – Maintenance Plan1

64:58 Minutes

Session – 19. Preventive Maintenance – Maintenance Plan2

34:41 Minutes

Session – 20. Preventive Maintenance – Maintenance Plan3

52:39 Minutes

Session – 21. Maintenance Processing – Controlling and Reporting

45:56 Minutes