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SAP Oil And Gas Training

SAP Oil and Gas is industry specific software solution designed to make sustainable economic growth possible through improved control over business processes related to the oil and gas industry. The process of production and distribution is the most important aspect of this industry and there is a need to streamline both these areas to achieve competitive advantage. A digital energy network exists to connect not only the workers and suppliers but also the customers so that greater efficiency and simplified processes can be realized.

There are four key areas of the SAP Oil and Gas software: Project Orchestration, Hydrocarbon Production, Hydrocarbon Logistics, and Operational Integrity. Production and revenue management, supply and distribution, risk analysis and governance, and maintaining workforce competency are a few processes that are essentially automated and digitized using SAP Oil and Gas solution.

In addition, the system also caters to commercial sales and marketing, convenience retailing and project logistics. In order to compete well in the oil and gas sector, one needs to bring the digital energy revolution to their organization. Not just the customers but also the shareholders benefit from this infrastructure by reshaping their overall strategy and incorporating a digital energy network to achieve improved business outcomes.

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SAP Oil And Gas Training Videos Duration 5hours

Tutorial Topics

Oil and Gas

01.SAP IS-OIL SSR Daily claim video

5:01 Minutes

02. SAP IS-OIL SSR Daily Claim video

4:51 Minutes

03. SAP IS-OIL SSR Fleetcard processing video

5:01 Minutes

04. SAP IS-OIL SSR Fleetcard processing video

1:32 Minutes

05. SAP IS-OIL SSR Payment card processing video

5:01 Minutes

06. SAP IS-OIL SSR complaint processing video

3:58 Minutes

07. IS-OIL SSR Reconciliation Sap standard video

0:40 Minutes

08. SAP IS-OIL SSR Dip Processing

5:01 Minutes

09. SAP IS-OIL SSR Dip Processing

5:01 Minutes

10. SAP IS-OIL SSR Dip Processing

2:05 Minutes


34:56 Minutes


41:27 Minutes

TD 1

70:13 Minutes

TD 2

72:12 Minutes


37:57 Minutes


48:39 Minutes