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SAP IS Utilities


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SAP IS Utilities Training Videos Duration 30hours

Tutorial Topics

Is Utilities

Typical Contract- Elctricity Division

70:48 Minutes

Meter Reading T-Codes I

63:39 Minutes

Meter Reading T-Codes II

72:44 Minutes

Create Connection Object

106:26 Minutes

Rec 15 Business Master practicals

86:46 Minutes

Organizational Plan & Agent Determination

29:42 Minutes

Device Management

72:55 Minutes

Device Category Creation Process

48:05 Minutes

Validity of Technical Groups

65:56 Minutes


25:57 Minutes

Basic SAP Terminology

50:55 Minutes


72:39 Minutes

Device Installation Functions

55:27 Minutes

Requirement in the De-Regulation Market

45:33 Minutes

Master Data & Basic Functions

70:26 Minutes

Contract Account

71:30 Minutes

The IS-U House

67:19 Minutes

Set Country Specific Checks

82:59 Minutes

Billing Master Data

62:46 Minutes

Device Management

72:55 Minutes

Master Data

77:36 Minutes

Inventory Management

64:23 Minutes

Business Model

65:36 Minutes

Configuring Device Management Functions

74:55 Minutes

Plant Maintenance

75:00 Minutes

Regional Structure Coding

74:27 Minutes

Enterprise Structure

80:10 Minutes


90:54 Minutes