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SAP IS Utilities Training

SAP IS Utilities or simply SAP IS-U is a specially designed solution for the Utilities industry. It is also sometimes referred to as Customer Care and Services because of the nature of the system as it caters to the waste management and utility organizations. It is industry specific software designed to offer digitization of energy management processes to keep up with the ever-evolving customer, technology and environmental conditions.

SAP has already been deployed by around 45 of the 50 top utilities companies in the world. The result is energy supply optimization in order to deliver sustainable energy solutions. The system also offers operational efficiency for plants and grids as well as customer engagement and billing and revenue management. SAP S/4HANA and SAP Energy Portfolio Management are provided to automate processes and achieve other business goals through integration and streamlining.

The need for today’s world is to adopt digital transformation in utilities so that affordable and sustainable energy solutions can be made possible. The companies may achieve reduction in costs and improved profits by using such a system. A digital energy network is used for digitizing all operations and to meet environmental challenges with open arms. You can improve your regulatory compliance by finding software solutions that are tailored to your specific industry.

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SAP IS Utilities Training Videos Duration 30hours

Tutorial Topics

Is Utilities

Typical Contract- Elctricity Division

70:48 Minutes

Meter Reading T-Codes I

63:39 Minutes

Meter Reading T-Codes II

72:44 Minutes

Create Connection Object

106:26 Minutes

Rec 15 Business Master practicals

86:46 Minutes

Organizational Plan & Agent Determination

29:42 Minutes

Device Management

72:55 Minutes

Device Category Creation Process

48:05 Minutes

Validity of Technical Groups

65:56 Minutes


25:57 Minutes

Basic SAP Terminology

50:55 Minutes


72:39 Minutes

Device Installation Functions

55:27 Minutes

Requirement in the De-Regulation Market

45:33 Minutes

Master Data & Basic Functions

70:26 Minutes

Contract Account

71:30 Minutes

The IS-U House

67:19 Minutes

Set Country Specific Checks

82:59 Minutes

Billing Master Data

62:46 Minutes

Device Management

72:55 Minutes

Master Data

77:36 Minutes

Inventory Management

64:23 Minutes

Business Model

65:36 Minutes

Configuring Device Management Functions

74:55 Minutes

Plant Maintenance

75:00 Minutes

Regional Structure Coding

74:27 Minutes

Enterprise Structure

80:10 Minutes


90:54 Minutes