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SAP HR Training

The purpose of any software system is to automate business processes, simplify architecture, reduce costs, and save time. SAP HR is a module designed to make the process of HR and payroll simple and straight forward. It allows streamlining both departments by allowing the user to define and run people strategies that bring positive results. It offers capability to add value to the system so that all stakeholders connected with the HR department may benefit from it.

The solution is cloud-based and therefore offers a global functionality. SAP serves to bring the employees at the center of the system so that the business could be supported by adding value to people strategies. The system also makes it possible to realize legal and corporate compliance when it comes to human resources (HR) and payroll. The result is improved business outcome and an employee central approach is followed.

A core HR management system in SAP allows managing people effectively and successfully. The workforce is managed locally; however, the vision is global. As a result, the organization may achieve better insight and improved decision making. The core HR and payroll processes are brought in accordance with the rest of the business so that the technology for management can be streamlined.

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SAP HR Training Videos Duration 33hours

Tutorial Topics


Course Overview-Implementation life cycle “ASAP methodology”

57:12 Minutes

Course Overview II-types of projects and SAP Products I

77:43 Minutes

SAP Products II

71:34 Minutes

Organization Structure

57:15 Minutes

Organization Structure II

53:30 Minutes

Organization Structure III

57:25 Minutes

Info Types

74:36 Minutes

Info Types ll

62:12 Minutes

Personnel Adminstration

28:08 Minutes

Personnel Adminstration ll

65:49 Minutes


73:51 Minutes

Create Work Schedule

57:07 Minutes

Pay Scale

64:10 Minutes

SAP HR class 17

Create Wage Type

48:19 Minutes

Employee Actions

52:54 Minutes

Employee Actions ll

56:40 Minutes

Factory Calander

54:33 Minutes

Absence and Attendance

56:31 Minutes

Absence and Attendance ll

51:19 Minutes

Absence Quota Generation

54:11 Minutes

Attendence Info Types (Attendence – Attendence Quota – Over Time – Substitution – Availability)

63:02 Minutes

Personnel Actions

57:44 Minutes

Create absence Type

55:18 Minutes

SAP HR class 30

0:48 Minutes

Personnel Calculation Schema

63:59 Minutes

Personnel Calculation Schema ll

65:23 Minutes

Recurring Payment and Deduction

57:16 Minutes

Payroll Processing

61:58 Minutes

Off Cycle Payroll

59:28 Minutes

Posting to Finicial Accounting

63:59 Minutes


68:00 Minutes

Benfits ll (Plans)

45:37 Minutes

Eligibility Critiria

135:48 Minutes

Benfits Integration

31:58 Minutes


63:22 Minutes