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SAP HANA Training By Trainer 1

SAP HANA is a data platform with in-memory and column-oriented architecture. It acts as a database server to speed up business processes by providing fast storage and retrieval capabilities. Applications may request data and store their output to SAP HANA for in-memory computing. It also offers machine learning capability to developers so that they can develop predictive algorithms for analytics to take their business to the next level.

The main function of SAP HANA is to simplify your IT environment by providing a unified methodology for storing and retrieving data. The business processes are accelerated thereby delivering more business intelligence. There is no need to maintain separate database and legacy systems when you have SAP HANA deployed on your system. You can achieve improved business outcomes by using the platform and increase your ROI by 60%.

The platform can be deployed and used anywhere whether it is a desktop computer or a mobile device. In addition to app development and administration, SAP HANA also provides security features, analytics processing, and flexible deployment options. SAP HANA platform is for all types of applications and therefore it simplifies the process of deployment by reducing data redundancy, saving space, and decreasing the number of hardware devices.

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SAP HANA Training By Trainer 1 Videos Duration 27hours

Tutorial Topics

Hana Consultant 2

rank window function

10:18 Minutes

Raw window function

5:32 Minutes

Fuzzy & Substring Search, Compound Words & Excess Token

22:22 Minutes

SQL Functions

26:13 Minutes

Enhanced Search Rule Sets

15:36 Minutes

SQL Functions

18:46 Minutes

Overview SAP HANA 1.0

66:22 Minutes

Calculation View

89:14 Minutes

System Sizing Guidelines

113:07 Minutes

Analytical Reporting: BOBJ Explorer Set-Up

92:55 Minutes

System Administration Side I

79:21 Minutes

System Administration Side II

84:25 Minutes

HANA As an Underlying Database

80:06 Minutes

Data services Repository

89:38 Minutes

Star Schema

90:12 Minutes

Architecture Of HANA

88:54 Minutes

SAP HANA System Landscapes

48:30 Minutes

Data services

64:32 Minutes

Landscape Transformation Replication Server

87:38 Minutes


86:57 Minutes

HANA Studio Features & Terminologies

51:29 Minutes

Attribute & Analytic View I

81:36 Minutes

Attribute & Analytic View II

103:12 Minutes

SAP BO DATA service

111:27 Minutes

Setting up a Connection to IQ 16

22:18 Minutes

Using Data in IQ 16

20:25 Minutes

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