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Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Career In Sap

A career in SAP is fraught with several pitfalls along the way. This is true for both SAP consultants who work on a full-time basis and for those who work on a contractual basis. Only SAP consultants with the passion and drive to survive in the fiercely competitive world of SAP thrive. The following is a list of the top 5 mistakes to avoid while building a career in SAP according to some of the most distinguished SAP consultants in the market:-

Selecting An Inappropriate SAP Area To Specialize In

The SAP area that you specialize in will ultimately define your SAP career. Choosing an appropriate SAP area to specialize in is easier said than done. The key to success in SAP is pursuing an area that is not only matches your skill set but also that is in demand. It is not easy to get the balance between your core strengths and the industry needs right. No matter how ‘hot’ a SAP area is, you are doomed to fail if you do not have passion for it. On the flip side, your SAP career will be unfulfilling if you have passion in an area that has waning market demand.

Failing To Develop A Business Case During SAP Implementation

SAP consultants, especially those from a predominantly IT background, often ignore the business fundamentals to any ERP implementation. Installing SAP ERP is not like installing any other software. The different SAP modules affect actual business processes. Ignoring this fact can lead to unnecessary disruption in the business of an enterprise. This is of course not good for you as you will not be trusted with similar projects in the future. That is why you need to clearly stipulate a specific business case for any SAP implementation or upgrade for all the stakeholders involved to know in advance how the business processes will be affected and the implications of the changes.

Creating A ‘One Size Fits All’ Solution To All Companie

Any experienced SAP consultant worth his or her salt will agree that different companies have different cultures and needs. Two companies in the same industry can have completely varying cultures and you cannot use SAP ERP to change that. It is therefore important for you to treat each SAP implementation assignment as a completely different assignment from your previous one.

Seeking SAP Jobs Without Giving Actual Business Examples

Believe it or not, your next client is not interested in your theoretical knowledge in SAP systems and in configuration of business processes. Chances are your next client will be interested in knowing how your knowledge and experience in SAP systems will provide solutions to their business. You should therefore tailor your presentations to make it crystal clear how you will provide SAP solutions by giving real-life business examples.

Failing To Network

The last common mistake SAP consultants make is failing to network. SAP consultants are notorious for getting bogged down on projects and forgetting that these projects would end soon. It is important to always seek out for new acquaintances in the industry as they may increase your chances of getting that stream of SAP jobs. Try to avoid making these mistakes as you build your career in SAP.