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Buy All SAP Training Modules For Just $999 And Become An Expert SAP Consultant

As you know SAP career has become more challenging than ever. The available job opportunities are not like how it used to be before. More and more fresh graduates are joining the lucrative SAP band wagon hence making the entire SAP job industry over supplied with consultants. We fully understand many of you have gone through a long struggle to become a SAP consultant

Importance Of Multiple Modules Experience

Therefore if you are already a SAP consultant with a good job, you cannot be happy with where you are right now. As you know, the need to change your well paying job can arise at any time in this competitive industry due to recession or lay offs. When that happens you will be surprised to know the employers are no longer looking for a single module experience especially when you are demanding a top notch pay. Of course the situation will be very much easier if you do not demand a high pay. You may agree, the best pay is always offered to the experts in the industry. Therefore your main goal should be to become an expert consultant so that you can be an industry leader always sought by high paying employers.

SAP Contractors VS SAP Consultants

Once you become an expert SAP consultant, you do not even have to work as an employee anymore. In the SAP industry the highest pay is always paid to the SAP contractors and not to the SAP consultant employees. The contractors are paid on hourly or daily basis and the rate can go as high as $100 dollars per hour and even more! Now you need to target your second goal which is to become a SAP contractor to earn on hourly basis.

Master More Than one SAP Module

Both of these goals can never be achieved without you mastering more than one module and become a master of SAP and not just shortsighted with a single module. Therefore, if you are a SAP consultant with at least 3 years of experience doing the same module, it’s time for you to jump into other neighbouring modules to lead your way to become a master in SAP.

Enjoy Huge Discounts For Bulk Orders

With this objective in mind, we are giving away huge discounts to encourage our customers to study more than 1 module. Now you can buy all SAP Training modules for just US$999 OR any 3 modules of your choice for just US$199 and enjoy great savings! If you are an existing customer, you just need to top up the differential amount between the purchase price of US$999 and the price you have paid for all your old orders to obtain all modules. Please contact us to find out how to top up your differential amount accordingly. 

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