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Hot Sap Skills To Acquire For 2016

According to several IT research data, SAP and Enterprise Business Application skills are among the hottest IT skills poised to be in huge demand in the near future. This is not surprising given the industry-wide need for ERP solutions. The saturated SAP consulting market is therefore going to become even more competitive in 2016. However, not all the over 93 SAP modules and skill sets are in high demand. We shall take a look at the hot SAP skills you should acquire to boost your SAP consulting career in 2016.

The Road To Becoming A SAP Consultant

So how do you become a SAP consultant in the first place? The most straightforward way is by choosing a SAP module and settling on a particular specialist area(s) within that module. You can then proceed to obtain training of up to 6 weeks before sitting for you SAP exams to become certified in that particular module. Having obtained your SAP certification, you can then apply the knowledge you acquired from the training to real-world enterprises. The other way is by first getting real-world experience in various SAP areas before then settling on a particular module(s) to specialize in. Whichever route you take to become a SAP consultant, you will have to decide on which SAP areas/modules to specialize in.

The SAP Areas/Modules To Specialize In

Although it is advisable to settle on the SAP module that mostly matches your professional background, education history, interest and passion, not all SAP modules are in huge demand. Industry observers have noted a fluctuation in the value of several SAP modules over the past couple of years. It is therefore prudent to settle on a SAP module that is in demand. Fortunately, there are a good number of SAP skills considered hot.

The Hot SAP Skills

Driven by the core upgrades, SAP FI/CO (Financials) remains a hot functional area. This is especially because all enterprises need financial reporting. Skills in the ECC FI New General Ledger are considered very hot. Also driven by core upgrades and the fact that HR-related ERP solutions continue to give entities competitive advantage, SAP HR/HCM (Human Resource/Human Capital Management is another hot SAP module. There is a growing demand for Advanced HR functionalities such as Performance Management, Portals-Based HR Service, E-Recruiting and Learning Solution.

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is increasingly becoming a hot area given the series of Logistics upgrades. The SAP SD module has also been extended into SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) and this will inevitably drive demand for skills in this area. Skills in SAP NetWeaver and BI are also very hot with these areas deemed to be next-generation, analytical and the future of ERP. Technical and financial consultants with relevant experience in SAP HANA and APAP for HANA are also demanding very hefty salaries. However, ABAP/Legacy skills and Supply Chain Planning (a component of mySAP SCM) are not in high demand.

What To Do

The ERP scene is constantly changing. It is imperative to keep up with these changes. You should therefore consider specializing in hot SAP skills that will increase in demand in the near future.