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2 Year Computer Science Degree

Maybe you are among those looking forward to returning to school. However, the idea of taking a four-year degree course does not seem fit for you due to time or your budget can’t allow this. Do not sit there thinking that you have no alternative that can lead you to the same route you are wishing for. There are a lot of high-paying occupations that only need a two-year computer science degree course. If you dream high and want to become a professional for some of these high paying career options, you can opt for a two-year degree course.

This two-year computer science degree is what is known as associates degrees. An associate’s degree is affordable and takes shorter time than the four-year degree course I.e masters and bachelor computer science degrees. Invest in this shorter-term computer science degree and you will benefit much from the skills and knowledge acquired during the training time. This degree will lessen you from the burden for borrowing student loans and other demands that are associated with the long-term degree program. You will earn a good income and the respect you dreamt for, however, you can further your education later if you need to change your job, or you want to achieve better ranks where you are employed. Or either you may be wishing to perfect your skills and your experience, but first take a two-year computer science degree to make a foundation.

Here is what an associate degree in computer science can earn you in terms of professions;

Computer support specialists- In the current society, with some know-how on computers, can earn you a good range of income. With the associates degree in computer science, you can work in this profession, covering almost everything in IT occupations, network security, and computer support and in help –desk open vacancies. The type of jobs in this field can earn the specialist an approximate annual range income of$ 46,000 up to $ 60,000.With an associate degree, you will be working comfortably, earn some bonuses and have the capability to work remotely.

Web designer- If you are those graduates with a creative mind and you have strong technical skills, this is can be a great career for you. Many are the times, when companies need talented and devoted web or graphic designers to amend or create websites for them. The same career can offer you with a chance to begin your own business. As a web designer, you can expect to earn around $49,000 per year. If you are like me and you trust, the sky is your limit you can consider work freelance or invest in your own business where you have no limit of working.

It is a guarantee that there is no education that goes to waste, whichever degree you pursue you have higher chances of earning a potential job than those who have never made an effort in learning. The other thing is that you can have the potential to further your education after you have created a foundation with the two year computer science degree.