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10 Reasons Why Sap Is Better Than Oracle Financials

SAP (Systems Applications and Products) was developed and started by five IBM employees of Mannheim, Germany. It is the world’s largest software provider company and it provides quality products to companies from all over the world. SAP is gaining popularity to most companies globally as they’re starting to realize the benefits that it can provide to their company. The main purpose of SAP is to provide different customers with the capability of interacting with a common database for a wide range of applications. Gradually, SAP solutions are being developed and modified to meet the needs of their customers. Currently, there are lots of companies and corporations from different parts of the globe that are using SAP products to manage their company.

SAP applications are built from the latest r/3 system. This system provides the company the capability to manage assets, cost accounting, archived documents, plants, personnel, material, production operations and finance. Recently, SAP added e-business application, which is very beneficial to companies of different types. As of 2007, January, SAP has more than 38,400 employees from 50 different countries and it has over 36,200 customers from all over the world. SAP is focusing its attention on small sized businesses and medium sized businesses to help meet their needs.

SAP’s rival is Oracle. There are various factors why SAP is superior to Oracle Financials.

1. SAP is growing faster than Oracle and this is one reason why SAP is way better than Oracle. They are developing faster than Oracle. Through the development of SAP, they will be able to provide much more benefits to their customers from all over the world.

2. They can provide quality services that are much better compared to Oracle. SAP is noted to have grown over 20 percent faster than Oracle Financials in terms of enterprise applications over the last twelve months. It is also said that SAP grows faster than Oracle in Middle East, Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific. SAP’s performance is better than that of Oracle. It has improved over the years. In terms of software and services, customers can see the big difference between SAP and Oracle.

3. SAP has a large market share than Oracle Financials. In all comparison made between SAP and Oracle Financials, SAP is obviously superior to Oracle Financials. SAP will surely win against Oracle Financials in terms of customer-company and company-customer relationship. SAP makes sure that they reach out to their customers the way it should be. SAP offers an open ecosystem to its customers all over the world.

4. Unlike Oracle Financials, SAP prioritizes its customers and it has high respect for customers and gives them choices. In addition, unlike Oracle financials, SAP works closely with their partners and they have a deep relationship with them. They also deliver quality outcome for their customers. SAP has an open relationship with their customers while Oracle Financials puts customers into a stack.

5. SAP has a customer focused strategy to provide quality services to their customers at a price that will suit their budget. SAP has gained acceptance from more customers than Oracle Financials. They are the market leader when it comes to enterprise software providers. They are developing over the years much faster than Oracle.

6. SAP can offer promising mobility of enterprise. Sybase acquisition is an extremely important feature of SAP because Oracle Financials doesn’t have a counterpoint for strategy and mobile products. It makes SAP superior to Oracle Financials.

7. In terms of innovation, development and growth, SAP is superior to Oracle Financials. SAP’s business analytics is said to be twice the size of Oracle. The market share of SAP is a hundred times better than Oracle Financials. Internationally, SAP is the biggest and leading software provider company. They can provide quality services to various companies and corporations from all over the world. SAP can provide the best software intended for the development of a company. Customers realized that SAP is way better than Oracle in terms of providing software. Unlike Oracle Financials, SAP solutions truly help businesses in terms of improving the overall performance of the company.

8. Unlike Oracle Financials, SAP provides integrated business processes and this is extremely beneficial to a company. Through integrated business processes, the company will have a quality management that will help it in achieving success. SAP solutions can improve the strategies and operations of a company from different levels and departments. The company can proactively pursue different opportunities through the help of SAP solutions. Also, through organized objectives, the company will be more successful. SAP employs people with the best skills and knowledge and this is one good reason why SAP is better than Oracle Financials.

9. SAP’s productivity and insight make it superior to Oracle Financials. SAP helps enterprises and companies by improving their efficiency in terms of company operations. Through the help of SAP solutions, the company will be able to reduce the costs of operation through improved flexibility. Unlike the services offered by Oracle Financials, SAP helps companies solve complex challenges and they can also guarantee long-term growth of the company. This is one reason why SAP is better than Oracle Financials. They help reduce risks associated with company procedures and processes.

10. Compared to Oracle Financials, SAP solutions improve the financial management of a company as well as its overall governance. They can help a company increase its profitability, manage risks and develop financial control. SAP solutions help the company have integrated processes.

Through the help of SAP solutions, if implemented well throughout the company’s management, it can provide a higher return of investment. SAP retains their top performers as they value their employees, thus making them the best software company unlike Oracle Financials. There are lots of software providers out there and they offer the same services, products and software, but they don’t have the same level of quality in terms of performance as SAP. It is recommended to choose the right software company that offers quality services to their customers. People can see the real difference between SAP and Oracle Financials and they can see that SAP is better compared to Oracle Financials.