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SAP consulting is the most well paying career as of now in the IT industry. Unlike other applications like Oracle or Java where a steady decline of salary scale is perceived, SAP consultants have been enjoying higher pay blue borderpackages and living a lavish lifestyle of traveling for international SAP implementation projects around the globe. SAP is the only option for anyone to become rich by just being an employee since as an experienced SAP independent consultant you can charge contract rates of US$1000 per day very easily. It is still cheaper for the big corporate to hire the independent contractors than paying triple the amount to consultancies. Therefore, if you have ambitions to work hard and retire early, SAP is the only path to your dreams in the IT industry! To understand more about what is SAP career all about, click here :- What is SAP

However the main challenge in an SAP career is the steep learning curve because it has always been maintained that SAP is the most difficult software application to learn. However not to worry, we have now changed this popular myth forever. After years of careful research and development at ERPTRAINING9.COM we have finally succeeded to create a range of SAP Training Live Videos to teach SAP to any newcomers step by step in the easiest way possible!

Kick Start your SAP consulting career! With a relatively small investment, you can become an experienced SAP consultant with our SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 training videos. Since this is a zero to expert program you will be taken through the course subjects step by step and make sure you understand the SAP training well.

The product is priced at $499 for the full videos package and $50 per individual video. However if you buy the individual videos first and then the full package later, the price you paid for the individual videos will NOT be deducted from the full package price. Nevertheless, it is a good opportunity for you to check our video quality by buying a single video first so that it will help you to make a decision on buying the full package later on.

Our videos will show the live SAP screen and functions with the instructor's clear audio. The experience of watching our videos will be similar to watching any Youtube videos. Prepared by highly qualified SAP professionals with over 10 years experience, our videos will help you save time and money, and send you on your way to a career as an SAP consultant. We also offer bulk discounts to corporations who wish to train their employees.

With your purchased license, you will have immediate and unlimited access to your private user account. The only thing you need is an internet browser and a high speed internet connection. Login to your account and watch the SAP training videos at any time, and watch them over and over again because there is no expiration date! Please note: To protect your safety and your investment, your user account is not transferrable to any other user. Doing so is a violation of your user contract, and may cause immediate termination of your account. Please also take note that our videos are NOT available on DVDs and we will not be sending you any DVDs. It can only be accessed online over the internet.

What can i do if i have any follow up questions after watching the training videos?

If you encounter any difficult bottle necks in your SAP training, feel free to post it to our SAP Forum

We provide 100% money back guarantee for all our products provided you inform us about your dissatisfaction within 24 hours of purchase. 

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SAP Juice The Advantage Of Video Based Training Materials Over Printed Materials
You may have noticed that watching a movie in a theater is much easier and definitely more entertaining than reading novels. It is scientifically proven that people learn more when they are able to see, hear, and follow along with instructions. That's why we chose to create these high-quality SAP training videos to help people learn SAP.
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SAP Training is Based On Why To Do Certain Functions Instead Of How To Do?

Good SAP training material shouldn't only explain "how" to do certain functions, but they should also explain "why" to do certain functions. Teaching the "why" helps trainees learn the process and methodolgy behind the "how," and makes for a better learning experience.
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